Pangea Table 32

Pangeatable is a tribute to the planet; The clasch of stars and and the continents evolving. Butterfly joints from meteroite and butterfly joints in danish bog oak that grew in judland at the same time the Campo del Cielo meteorite landed in Agentina. A map of Pangea, 3000 million years ago, made in pure silver. The “lake” is reminiscent of the” lake vostok”, the largest underwater lake discovered in the Arctic, which has an estimated age of around 25 million years. The black markings in the beech, leeds my thoughts to the shimmering water surface of the sea. Pangea table jumps in time and evokes a tactile curiosity, for some, my thoughts behind is better unsaid..

Beech from Dyrehaven i Copenhagen with black markings, butterfly joints made from the Campo del Cielo Meteroite as well as butterfly joints made of 6000.years old danish bog oak. Silver decoration portraying the supercontinent Pangaea, Frame of iron and black anilin leather.

Height: 90 cm.
Width: 107 cm.
Length: 285 cm (can be made lower)

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